The Pack-able Bucket Hat

Sun hats, an stylish accessory in summer, can shade your forehead, eyes and cheeks from sun UV ray. The hat is made of thick,soft and comfortable paper straw,keep you cool and comfy.It is very important for girls/ladies/women to protect themselves from directly strong sunshine, so it is necessary to use a sun protective hat when you are outside in the summer.However, it is difficult to find a hat to suits me but harder to find one that doesn’t crush, crease or isn’t a nightmare to pack. Any ideas?

May be you can try the pack-able Bucket Hat from Columbia Sportswear. It’s light, looks good, protects against the sun, doesn’t crease and takes up less space than a pair of socks.It is easy to pack up to put in your bag when you don’t need it in shade.

Raffia, one of the best hat materials that pack well, is a very durable straw that comes from a Raffia palm, which can be found in Africa, Madagascar, Central & South America. Raffia hats tend to pack well because the fibers have very good memory once they’ve been formed into the hat style. Even if the hat in question has been crushed and pressed in a suitcase for a long trip, working around the edges with your fingers or applying a little steam with this process will make the hat look brand new. So, it is advisable for you to equip a raffia hat in your travels.

The following are some spacial materials easy to retain shape. Many other materials can pack well. However, this is not a comprehensive list, but does include many materials we have found.

  • Raffia
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Paper
  • Soft Straw
  • Soft Felt or Wool

A Panama hat is a brimmed straw hat that was originally produced (confusingly) in Ecuador in the 17th century. Traditionally woven by hand from toquilla straw, which only grows in the coastal mountains of Ecuador, the best versions are still made in Cuenca, the most accessible city in the mountain region, where the majority of the weaving is carried out.

We all know that the softer the hat, the easier it is to pack and ensure you won’t damage it. Cotton hats like the Scala-Canvas Upbrim and bucket or booney hats Kooringal-Walkabout Booney are typically styles you can pack and not have to worry about. If done correctly, you should have very few wrinkles in your hat, but you can always steam these out as well!

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