Methods of Packing Your Hats

Now that we’ve covered the basic guidelines and materials best used for packing your hat, we will cover the methods.

Recently, I went on a trip to Oahu and Kaua’i and brought along my Kooringal-Havana Drover for sun protection. Because it’s a larger brimmed hat I thought I’d summery two common methods we advise for packing your favorite sun protection hat. Please note that different methods work better with different types of shapes and materials.

The first way I packed my raffia hat was in half with the brim up as illustrated in (picture A). In this way it was folded in the classic taco shape. I found that In folding it this way it came out pretty well when I arrived at our first hotel in Oahu. There were two creases where it had been folded (pictures B & C) and I had to work the shape back into it with my fingers for a few minutes, but pretty soon my hat looked good as new.


( Hawaii has a very humid climate. In the same way that steam reforms hats, humidity will also help in this process. If I had gone to a more dry climate like arizona, it might have taken a little more work to get it back to shape. Hanging the hat in the bathroom while taking a hot shower and then immediately working on it is a trick I’ve used before)


When we packed up and went to Kauai, I tried to pack my hat in the other way we commonly recommend: by stuffing the crown with socks, underwear, or rolled up shirts (clean hopefully!) and placing it either brim down, or crown down, then packing around it (Picture D & E). When making the decision to pack your hat brim down or crown down, the original shape of the hat should be taken into careful consideration. My hat is what is called a “Safari Style” that means it has a parabolic shape so as to retain well should be placed crown down as shown in the initial picture.


Thanks to their soft material and naturally distressed look, these styles of hat ,with wide brim,can protect your head,face,neck and shoulder from sunshine, help protecting from the sun harmful rays. Even with this hat we still recommend you to put sunshine cream if you are in extreme environment in case of skin burnt, are often very easy to pack Wrinkles usually are not a big problem and when you unpack them they often look exactly as they did before you packed it. This method can be applied to women hats with the same shape and material.

Remember to pack the heavier items at the bottom end of your suitcase so that when you are rolling it in an upright position they don’t push down and squish your hat. Packing heavier items at the top can possibly destroy your hat.

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